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Nutrition and Fitness for Women- Here are the Best Tips

Many women want to have the best fitness but they just do not know how! Did you know that just working out is not enough to achieve the fitness levels you want? You need to combine a number of things to be fit. Nutrition and fitness for women is something that needs to be explored since it would solve so many problems people are facing.

Why Women?

Based on what I see, men are fitter than women. Why? Men love sports and masculinity and that makes them more likely to exercise than women. Working out improves the fitness but you do not get the best possible conditions.

Most women just do not love working out. But trust me, there is no better feeling in this world than getting used to working out. It exceeds all other feelings. Just so sweet.

Importance of nutrition in fitness

The food choices you make each day can easily affect your health. Good nutrition plays a major role in ensuring a healthy lifestyle. Bad nutrition, on the other hand, is the quickest way to sickness and some miserable low-quality life.

No one wants to get sick, right! See how we have much control over our lives. We determine our current and future destinies by what we eat now but it is never too late to change your eating habits.

Some people have a certain nutrition plan for specific reasons. People may avoid junk so as not to become obese, which is alright.

So, why is nutrition important in fitness?

  • It improves immunity

You become stronger and even your immunity improves. Minor sicknesses become a thing of the past when your immunity is okay. You do not have to worry about having to visit the doctor now and then. The nourished body just becomes better at defending itself against sickness.

  • It improves quality of life

Want to be happy? have a good diet. Good nutrition is the key to a happy healthy life. Your body responds perfectly because there is a connection between your actions and how you feel. You get to do things better if you are happy.

I’m not saying that good nutrition will solve all your problems but it will help solve some since you will be able to handle them better.

  • It builds endurance

Do you admire the endurance of athletes? Say those Kenyan marathon runners. They run for two hours plus at a considerable pace and at the finishing line they don’t fall down and die. They remain active. Key to such endurance is good nutrition and training. You can also come close to them by having the right meal plan.

If you love working out, it will help you do more and become better at what you do. You are able to push yourself further and harder.

  • It increases cognitive functions

Good nutrition is important for the general cognitive activities of the body. According to research, women on better nutrition tend to take better care of their children compared to the others. And not in just women, kids in school tend to perform better when they are on the right diets.

Exercise for fitness

Nutrition alone will not make you fitter as I said earlier. It will play a major role but you still need to do some physical exercises. People underestimate the power of regular exercise when they just shouldn’t. PHYSICAL EXERCISE IS VERY IMPORTANT IN BECOMING FIT.

I have seen some people starving themselves to skip exercise but that is very wrong. You have to get your body to become active. Run more, jog more, go to the gym and do some drills, take a walk with your dog. It will help you in improving your fitness.

Women love that killer shape. You have to work for it! it just does not come like that.

Have a Plan

Nutrition and working out both require a plan for them to be effective. You need to know which meals are best for which season as well as the times of the day that they work fine. Altering a few things after a while is necessary to avoid boredom which is the killer of most fitness dreams.

When exercising, consistency is key. Keep challenging yourself and track your general progress. Without a record of your progress, it is hard to know where you have come from and in most cases, those who do not keep records of their progress are never serious.

With the right nutrition and exercise, fitness will never become an issue to women again!



Kevin McNamara

Hi Aladin,

Great post. Yes really important for both men and women to exercise and keep fit. You explain the benefits really well here. Having a plan is super important. Thanks for a great post,



Sure, it always nice keeping fit.


Thanks for this post and highlighting the need for increased fitness in women. Obviously that really depends on the section of the population that you are looking at as the fact that women have children can have an impact on their fitness during that time. Do you have any advice for women to improve their fitness after child birth as this would be of interest too. Many thanks for your input.


It was more of women in general but I will do an article on the women with children as well.

Stacy Gallagher

I really appreciate your post! Movement is key to longevity! Creating health habits and sticking to them produces a synergistic enthusiasm that builds on itself.


Sure. the discipline to stick to habit is what most people lack. But it is not difficult


Hey Aladin,
Nutrution is big one! A lot of people take that aspect for granted. Great post!


Nutrition is as equally important as working out


Great post Aladin, I appreciate when you say fitness is important to everyone. Body weight exercises have helped me a lot


They always offer the platform for better strength training


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